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Executive Team

Duke van Kalken –  Mr. van Kalken is Managing Member, Clarentis Technologies. He is proprietor of the technology and patent rights for the ‘Cylindrical Cell’ and “Method and Apparatus to manufacture Electrolyzed Water’’. An executive with multi-national operations experience and relationships around the globe, he has worked to advance corporate objectives in the Rapid Diagnostics Industry.  He entered the world of ECA technology and created a cutting-edge, disruptive technology that transforms the world of non-toxic, natural, efficacious biocides. Mr. van Kalken’s expertise in understanding the diverse applications and proving the efficacy across multiple industry sectors has elevated Clarentis Technologies to be the preeminent company in the clean technology arena.

Douglas J Fleming – Director of Business Development, Clarentis Technologies. Mr. Fleming is involved with new business opportunities and licensing relationships. Mr. Fleming is President/ CEO of Clarentis OG, the Oil & Gas division. Prior to Clarentis, Doug worked with companies in the clean technology industry. He consulted with the investment banking division of a securities firm, was an executive in the media and advertising industry, and over the past 22 years has sat on boards, managed successful start-ups, and established enterprises as an Executive Consultant.

Gilbert Hinze – Consultant/R&D. Dr. Hinze was first exposed to ECA technology in 1996 and has continued his work in this field under the banner of Radical Waters (Pty) Ltd, of which he was a founding member. He is an inventor and co-inventor of over 40 patents and has been consulting in the US, Europe, and Africa on the development of ECA applications over a wide variety of areas.  His work with live animals includes poultry, pigs, ostriches, and cows; developing applications for the treatment and prevention of mastitis in dairy cows, the extension of the bovine semen life span utilizing ECA and Electromagnetic resonance in artificial insemination, and the replacement of antibiotics in pigs and poultry rearing.  His work goes beyond the animals themselves, involving feedlots, processing plants, including slaughterhouses, and the decontamination of food products through immersion and fogging.  In the field of agriculture his work has focused on growth enhancement (photosynthesis).  With field trials in Botswana and RSA, he has worked on the development of borehole rehabilitation.  His work in the medical field is expansive, including:  the improvement of surgical suture materials, the decontamination of hospital wards (Klebsiella, Acinetobacter infections), the treatment of wounds, burns, pressure sores, ulcers, Immugenic Interstitial cystitis, Buruli ulcer, and Nosocomial infections.